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What Is Skyr Yogurt?

Skyr Yogurt. Learn about Skyr Yogurt
Skyr Yogurt

The number of yogurt products available at the grocery store is growing as fast as the cereal aisle. Have you noticed? The choices are endless: Balkan style, stirred, Greek, organic, 2%, 5%, or no per cent, sweetened, unsweetened, sweetened with artificial sweeteners. You get the idea. It’s enough to throw you into a full blown existential crisis right there in the dairy aisle.

But beyond that, I’m genuinely perplexed over the growth of yogurt because I was sure that dairy had fallen out of favour with the general population. Heck, even the Canadian government removed the dairy food group from its recently revised Canada Food Guide. It’s now lumped into the protein foods group.

I know for a fact that many of us today don’t drink milk. For some it’s hard to digest. In fact, the consumption of fluid milk has gone down in North America since 1970 despite population growth.

Yet, consumers seem to eat yogurt products in huge amounts as evident in the explosion of choice. Perhaps yogurt has a special status because it’s filled with probiotics. This is a bacteria that’s good for our guts which, if you haven’t been paying attention, our gut bacteria is good for our brains and our overall health.

A newbie in the yogurt aisle is Skyr pronounced sheer. It’s a product that’s been in Iceland for a thousand years but has only recently made its way into North American grocery stores. Skyr is sold as a yogurt, but originally it was considered a strained cheese made from skim milk and had no flavourings. Due to its popularity however, it’s now available in a few flavours and is made with whole milk. It’s very similar to the popular Greek yogurt but noticeably thicker and it has more protein. I find it less tangy than Greek yogurt and it’s become my new favourite because of the extra protein.

Skyr is good in smoothies, as a snack, or for breakfast. The price varies depending on where you buy it. I’ve found some stores selling it at a premium and others at a discount. If you haven’t sampled Skyr yogurt, I suggest you give it a try.

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