I'm Barb Kemp, a food educator and passionate home cook who gets excited talking about food, health, and cooking. READ MORE

I'm a passionate home cook and a food educator with over 15 years experience.  I get very excited talking about all things food, healthy eating and cooking.  My hope with this blog is that you too, will become inspired and get hooked on fresh whole foods and home cooking.

My love of food and cooking began in my twenties when I was told to become a vegetarian for health reasons. The problem was I liked meat and potatoes and didn’t really know how to cook. I ate whatever I wanted, including takeout foods filled with sugar, salt, and fat.  Embracing the challenge, I learned to cook.  Then I started to add more veggies and whole grains into my diet and discovered a whole new positive lifestyle change. 

Later, when I became a mom, one of our kids developed a food allergy and all meals had to be made from scratch. I struggled at first, but once again welcomed the change and learned to menu plan. It was a game changer.

Eventually, I switched careers and started writing and teaching about home cooking, meal planning and fresh whole foods.

Date Bars
Date Bars

Today, many home cooks lack food knowledge and confidence in the kitchen, just as I once did. In some ways, the need to cook is declining because prepared food is everywhere. Yet for many of us there’s a desire to cook nourishing meals at home. And that’s why I write the Recipes To The Rescue Newsletter and created the Cooking Reboot online courses.  The course is enjoyable and relatable for the everyday home cook and teaches habits and skills that can easily become part of a healthy lifestyle. Learning the magic of menu planning and gaining the confidence to cook saved me and my family…and it can save yours too. 

I hope you'll join me and together we’ll bring joy into your home kitchen. 


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