Thursday, November 30, 2017

How To Eat Kohlrabi

How to eat and cook kohlrabi
Green Kohlrabi

Do you buy and eat kohlrabi?  It’s a vegetable that looks intriguing but also intimidating.  It reminds me of a remote controlled green (or purple or white) space ship with green parachute leaves.  What do you with it?  Peel it? Cook it?  Or eat it raw?

I was told years ago in one of my classes that they were easy to grow and worth growing to eat, because they were, well, worth it.  

So when I found one sitting in my CSA box last season I was pleasantly surprised because I would be forced to try it.

I’m glad I did.  I peeled off the thick green layers, chunked it up and threw it into the evening stir fry.  I also threw some smaller pieces into a salad to eat raw.  It had a pleasant radish/turnip taste which melded  nicely with all the other veggies.

So, if you’re looking to add excitement to your nightly cooking routine, I challenge you to buy a veggie that you’ve never tried before but always wondered what it tastes like, such as Kohlrabi. Buy it, bring it home, figure out what to do with it and eat it.  You too, may be 

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