Monday, December 3, 2018

How To Set A Table

table setting to impress

You may find yourself entertaining relatives or friends at a sit-down dinner at home.  Here’s a refresher on how to set a table to impress.

  • Plan everything at once. Think about whether you will have a tablecloth or simply place mats. Will you have linen or paper napkins?  Candles or a centre piece (not too tall, so people can converse), water glasses, wine glasses, and what plates will you serve the meal on?  If you can have things match, you’ll have a harmonious look. Or mix it up for a curated look.

  • Line up cutlery in the order it will be used.  Knives and spoons go on the right of the plate.  Forks on the left. Always place the pieces you’re going to use first on the outside.  So if you’re starting with soup, the soup spoon will go to the right of the other spoons.  Turn the sharp edge of the knife towards the plate in readiness for cutting.  Dessert utensils should be placed horizontally above the plate, or can be brought in later, with the dessert.

  • Place water glasses at the top right above the knives. Wine glasses are set to the right of the water glass in order of use.

To make entertaining easier, try to meal planning ahead of time.  Check out our free course How To Meal Plan For The Everyday Home Cook.  It includes a video and meal planning templates.

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